39/40. Final edit

Here is our final edit, we have taken feedback from our first edit and worked on it to achive this.


evaluation point 6. Technology

For the production of our media video we used an array of different technologies.

For the physical filming we used

  • tripod- this was used to steady our shots
  • steady cam- this again was to make our moving and tracking shots more steady
  • camera- to shoot the film
  • chargers- to make sure we dint run out of battery
  • Iphone mount- we used this on the tripod and steady cam so that it would not fall out


  • Filming- I learned the importance of steady shots, as well as the use of different angles to make viewing more enjoyable. I
  • Editing- I learned to use varying editing software such as sony vegas pro and final cut. Moreover an overall understanding of the Internet was needed to research and tutor yourself. Finally Powerpoint, Prezi, Youtube and wordpress where used to display our results.